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A splash here, a splash there, our Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water goes well on almost everything! Below you will find some of our favorites. Please leave a comment below on what you splash your Sauced Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water on!

Warabi Salad:

opihi Salad:

quick ebi pupu:

1 Bunch Fern Shoot

½ white Onion

2 diced tomatoes

1 cup Dried Ebi (shrimp) if desired

Sauced Original or Limu


Opihi (to your desired amount)

1 white onion

2 tomatoes

1 cup Aloha Shoyu

Sauced Original (to preferred taste)


Dried Ebi into a bowl

Soak in Sauced Original or Rosemary.

Soup Pairings:

Dump in or put it as a side in a bowl and sip with a spoon

Oxtail Soup:

Sauced Rosemary or Original

Pastele Dioja:

Sauced Original

Fish Soup:

Sauced Limu

Chicken Papaya:

Sauced Original, Rosemary, Limu


Sauced Original, Rosemary, Limu

all other plates:


Fried Fish:

Any type of fried Fish

Add Sauced Limu or Original to a bowl

Mix with Shoyu to taste

Romaine or Iceberg Salad:

Sauced Rosemary– use as dressing

Leave a comment below to let us know your favorite recipe, pairing, or any way you use our Sauced Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water. Don’t forget to to tell us whether you used Original, Limu or Rosemary.


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