Locally Grown Ingredients on Kauai

We believe in a sustainable Kauai. From seed to production to bottling- everything is done right here on Kauai. We are proud to support local farmers who provide us with the best fresh Hawaiian Chili Peppers. Our company owners grow fresh organic Rosemary for our Rosemary flavored chili pepper water and Limu Kohu are hand picked and cleaned right here from Kauai beaches.

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In Hawaii, we locals throw that preservative injected hot sauces in the rubbish. Try our fresh Premium Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water with your favorite dishes. Splash to add flavor to any meal or sip it straight from the bottle. Use as a topping, dressing, or dipping sauce. The uses are practically endless!

Try all our flavors

 In addition to our Original Chili Pepper Water, try these new infusions that have become our best selling bottles


Our best selling Original Chili Pepper water is great for adding flavor to any meal, sipping and perfect with a nice cold beer.

Limu kOHU

Limu Kohu (Hawaiian seaweed) picked and cleaned from rocks right here on Kauai. Sip or try splashing on any raw  or prepared fish.


Freshly picked Rosemary from our own gardens added for flavor. Try it on your favorite meats with some shoyu


Wela Nō means “HOT INDEED!” Our Original Flavor packed with extra Hawaiian Chili Peppers for an extra spicy kick

  • VItamin K1 80% 80%
  • Potassium 30% 30%
  • VItamin B6 40% 40%
  • VItamin A 70% 70%
  • Copper 80% 80%
  • VItamin C 60% 60%
Try our Favorite Pairings

Any of our 3 flavors can be sipped or added to any meal or snack. Try some of our favorite pairings below:



Splash or pour into Saimin or take a sip or shot with a nice cold beer



Pairs well with fish. Dip some fresh poke, sashimi or grilled fish



Local favorite when mixed with shoyu (soy sauce) in a bowl and dip your steak or chicken in it

We Ship

Enjoy our Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water where ever you are. Take some home with you or let us ship directly to your door.


Health benefits

Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water have been considered a cure-all. From flushing cholesterol from your arteries , balancing blood pressure, to aiding digestion and fighting flu and colds. Learn more about health benefits by clicking here.



Always Fresh

Our Chili Pepper Water are always made from freshly picked Hawaiian Chili Peppers grown right her under the Kaua’i island sun. We are proud to support our local farmers.

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Premium Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water

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